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نتایج جستجوی عبارت ' hypersonic missiles russia china ' از بین کلیه اطلاعات و وبلاگهای ثبت شده در سایت در زیر نمایش داده شده است و شما میتوانید با کلیک بر روی عنوان هر وبلاگ اطلاعات کامل آنرا مشاهده فرمائید.
us-russia-china cooperation could hinder the proliferation of hypersonic missiles  
a new rand report proposes that despite their differences, russia, china and the united states should act jointly to head off a little-recognized security threat -- the proliferation of hypersonic missiles beyond the three nations. ...

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china finishing south china sea buildings that could house missiles - u.s. officials  
china, in an early test of u.s. president donald trump, has nearly finished building almost two dozen structures on artificial islands in the south china sea that appear designed to house long-range surface-to-air missiles, two u.s. officials told reuters. ...

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russia-china relations based on mutual interests, not ideology  
russian amb ador in china andrey denisov talks about the relations between russia and china. ...

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russia’s modernized strategic bombers to get protection from all types of missiles  
russia has launched r&d work to develop a defensive aids system for modernized tupolev tu-160m2 strategic bombers to shield them from all types of missiles, adviser to the first deputy ceo of radio-electronic technologies group (kret) vladimir mikheyev told t on wednesday. ...

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russia's putin to travel to china in may  
russian president vladimir putin will travel to china in may for a summit and also plans to hold talks with chinese president xi jinping, ria news agency cited russia's amb ador to china as saying. ...

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japan hopes for collaboration with russia, china over n. korean issue - pm  
prime minister said that japan hopes to collaborate with russia, china and other states over the north korean nuclear and missile issues. ...

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china, russia sign media agreement to challenge “dominance of western media”  
the agreement was signed in order to push back against western discourse about china and russia. ...

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us arms shipments, russian cruise missiles, add more complexities to the situation in syria  
as the conflict is still going on in different fronts in syria, latest move by the us to send more arms for the syrian rebels has sparked renewed controversies. at the same time, russia has intensified its attacks against the terrorists, using cruise missiles to hit their positions in palmyra. ...

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china's relations with russia at 'best time in history', says xi jinping ahead of moscow visit  
chinese president xi jinping reiterated on monday (july 3) that china-russia relations are at their "best time in history", saying the two nations are each other's most trustworthy strategic partners. ...

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nato defense missile system  
nato defense missile system in turkey, in fact the defense us missile system after the arrival of barack obama most change announced by his policies and strategies within the framework of nato's for the newly century and this time instead of east europe and russia deal with long-range missiles that causes extreme sensitivity russia select a location settlement missile defense deal with turkey and intermediate-range missiles to iran as the purpose of the plan was announced the main function of this system, missile launch detection with system using a full radar this system is designed to track missiles launched from them before hitting the target is destroyed ...

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china and russia dispatch ships to shadow donald trump’s 'armada' as it approaches north korean waters  
china and russia have dispatched spy vessels to shadow a us aircraft carrier group heading to north korean waters, japanese media said, amid rising tensions over pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions. ...

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china, russia pledge to be ballast stone for world peace  
chinese president xi jinping and his russian counterpart vladimir putin pledged tuesday to build strong china-russia ties into a ballast stone for world peace and stability as their two countries seek to coordinate even more closely for a better world. ...

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us deploys a nced anti-aircraft missiles in baltics for first time  
the united states deployed a battery of patriot long-range anti-aircraft missiles in lithuania to be used in nato war games tuesday — the first time the a nced defense system has been brought to the baltics where russia has air superiority. ...

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intensified global concerns as north korea launches a new ballistic missile  
indifferent to the global concerns over its ballistic missiles program, north korea tested a new, upgraded missile today which is claimed to be able to reach “anywhere in the world.” russia and china, among the others, has urged pyongyang to stop its successive missile launches. ...

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russia conducts anti-cruise missile drill on day of us attack in syria  
the crews of s-300 and s-400 air defense systems s down cruise missiles launched by an imaginary enemy during an air defense drill held in russia’s eastern buryatia republic, rossiiskaya gazeta wrote, citing the eastern ministry district press service. ...

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nato to closely follow russia, china, belarus drills near baltic borders  
nato will closely follow russia's military exercises near the baltic countries' borders, including its joint drills with belarus and china, the alliance's secretary general said in lithuania on tuesday. ...

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china, russia plan deal on new far east transport routes  
as china’s leader xi jinping visits moscow to meet russian president vladimir putin this week, deals worth us$10 billion may be signed between the two neighbors, according to media reports. ...

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china says understands south korean need for security, still opposes missiles  
china understands south korea's need to protect its security but seoul still needs to respect beijing's concerns about the deployment of an a nced u.s. anti-missile system, chinese foreign minister wang yi told his south korean counterpart. ...

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russia sends warship to region amid feud with us  
a russian frigate armed with cruise missiles was heading to the mediterranean in an apparent show of force a day after the first direct military strike by the us against the syrian regime. ...

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meizu m5 and pro 6 plus now available outside of china  
launched back in november last year, the meizu m5 and meizu pro 6 plus smartphones have only been available in the company's home country of china so far. however, that's no longer the case as the devices are now available in russia as well. the phones were up for pre-order in the country, and have now started shipping. while the pro 6 plus is only available in 64gb storage and dark gray color option, the m5 is available in black color and both 16gb and 32gb storage options. other pro 6 plus and m5 variants are expected to go on sale in russia in february - they are currently up for... ...

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china warns u.s. on south china sea  
china urged the united states on tuesday to act and speak cautiously on the south china sea, saying china has irrefutable sovereignty over the spratly islands. ...

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china unveils deescalation plan for korean peninsula  
beijing suggested pyongyang should stop launching missiles and halt its nuclear program while seoul and washington should cease drills which annoy north korea. ...

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russia may demand u.s. cut diplomatic staff in russia to 300 or below: ria  
russia’s foreign ministry does not rule out ordering the united states to cut its diplomatic staff in russia to 300 people or below, the ria news agency cited georgy borisenko, the head of the ministry’s north america department, as saying on wednesday. ...

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china complains after u.s. destroyer sails through south china sea  
china’s foreign ministry said on wednesday it has lodged stern representations with the united states after a u.s. navy destroyer sailed near islands claimed by china in the south china sea. ...

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china, vietnam agree to keep south china sea tensions in check  
china and vietnam will manage and properly control their maritime disputes, avoiding actions to complicate or widen them, so as to maintain peace in the south china sea, the two nations said in a joint communique china released on monday. ...

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russia and iran sign oil-for-goods barter deal; escape petrodollar  
iran signed an agreement with russia under which it has broken free from the petrodollar, and will "sell", or rather barter crude oil to russia in exchange for products. the announcement was made by iran’s oil minister bijan zanganeh, as reported by russia’s ria and t news agencies. ...

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kremlin denies allegations it violated u.s. missile treaty  
russia is committed to honoring its international obligations, including in relation to missiles, the kremlin said on wednesday, responding to reports it had violated a treaty with the united states by deploying a new ground-based missile. ...

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russia suspends payments to council of europe  
russia announced it is suspending its financial contributions to the council of europe over the ispute regarding russian delegates who were stripped of their authority following the annexation of ukraine’s crimean peninsula by russia. ...

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u.s. military denies coordinating syria air strikes with russia  
the pentagon on monday denied that it had coordinated air strikes with russia in syria, after russia's defense ministry said the united states had provided coordinates for islamic state militants. ...

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china says fighter jets' intercept of us plane over south china sea was 'safe'  
china sunday (may 28) denied the pentagon's charge that an encounter between chinese fighters and a us surveillance plane over the south china sea was "unsafe and unprofessional". ...

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13 killed, 12 injured in road accident in russia's tatarstan  
at least 13 people were killed and 12 others injured when a bus collided with a truck near the city of zainsk in russia's republic of tatarstan in west-central russia, the regional health ministry said sunday. ...

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merkel calls for joint efforts with russia to battle islamist terrorism  
german chancellor angela merkel on urday said europe's ties with russia remained challenging, but it was important to work with russia in the fight against islamist terrorism. ...

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